Mommy Reflections: Fireworks are really dum.

I had a great 4th of July. Unfortunately, I left my camera at Chantelly’s house this evening. So no detailed update with cute pictures of my bambino tonight.

However, I have some reflections on the 4th of July festivities that I did not have prior to putting a baby to bed on our Independence Day. To give you an idea of my experience with fireworks, here’s a bit of my background.
I grew up in South America, and spent 5 years living in Argentina, where legal limits to fireworks are non-existent. So my older cousins pretty much put your local fireworks show to shame right outside of my grandmother’s house which sat smack dab next to a major highway. I’m exaggerating about my cousins’ fireworks vs. several thousand dollar pyrotechnics, but you get the idea.
New Year’s Eve was one of the hottest nights of the year growing up. It was also the biggest night for fireworks. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was out on the street either watching huge fireworks go off, or setting them off. I’m honestly surprised that for all the years I lived in Mendoza, no one I knew suffered injuries on New Year’s Eve.
Celebrating New Year’s Eve in the U.S. was a little shocking for me, but of course it makes sense that people aren’t out in their driveways lighting sparklers in the freezing cold. I thought perhaps people went all out on our Independence Day, when it’s warm. I was not disappointed. My first 4th of July firework show was at a lake in Arkansas, and it was great. But it was different. Instead of having a crazy amount of fireworks throughout the town, there was one big show that everyone showed up to watch.
So. Needless to say, fireworks have always been a big part of what I think is celebratory. I always look forward to firework shows, and never miss a 4th of July production.

Until now.

This year, for the first time in a long time, I bowed out of attending a fireworks show. Gideon’s bedtime is early, and to my surprise I was less than enthusiastic at the idea of being up late hearing loud booms one after the other. But what do you know? I got to hear loud booms at home! Whether I wanted to or not – which I didn’t. Last night I turned up Gideon’s sound maker up to the max and set it right up to his crib to drown out the noise. It worked. But tonight I was not as lucky and it took me about 40 minutes to get my babe to sleep. When Gideon is older, I know we’ll make it part of our tradition to go see the fireworks. Probably at Kuliga Park like we’ve done since we moved to Cincinnati. But never ever will Daniel, Gideon, or myself set off loud fireworks at our home.

This text conversation between my husband and I sums it up pretty well.

Me: Our household is never setting off fireworks. Some people work tomorrow and others have babies. I’m not going to complain bc i understand they are part of celebratory tradition. But we will never be part of the ruckus.

Daniel: I agree… i think they dum… spelled d.u.m.

Me: That’s write.



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