Gideon’s First: Skyline Chili Experience

Yesterday afternoon was busy in a good way. First we attend Crossroads Health Center Open House for their new pediatric office on the west side in support of my brother-in-law, Kyle. Then we went to see Gideon’s great grandpa. If there is one thing that grandpa treasures and gets teary eyed for, it’s children. He may not say or seem to notice much, but his reflexes will sure kick in if one of his great grandkids takes a tumble. A great man that I could write a book about. We had a nice visit, and then we decided it was time for a trip to Skyline. For those of you not familiar with this restaurant, you have not completely experienced Cincinnati until you have tried skyline chili. So if you’ve been to Cincinnati and didn’t eat Skyline, your trip was obsolete. Just kidding.

We’re trying to get Gideon started off right. As a born cincinnatian, that means going to Skyline Chili. He seemed to enjoy it well enough for one who can only look at the food.

getting started off right.

getting started off right.

He chose the Chilito which is his father's favorite.

He chose the Chilito which is his father’s favorite.

Next major Cincinnati experience he must have: a Reds game. Very soon.



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