Gideon’s First: Trip to Ikea and Bass Pro Shop

Two very important stores in our little family of three. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me. Daniel has “given me permission” to purchase a small camera that is little and portable, so that I can document moments with Gideon that either cute, firsts, or both while we’re out of the house. I’m so excited!

As I was saying, Gideon got to go to two of our favorite stores today for the first time. Our first stop was at Ikea where we purchased an owl rack from the kids’ section and a  picture frame that is going to be part of a special gift for someone [note the secrecy]. I’d had my eye on the owl hanger for a while, and just didn’t see anything I liked better. I am going to place it behind the door in the nursery to hang the Moby, Seven Slings, and the Ergo. Till now they’ve sat in a messy pile in the corner, and now they’ll have a home! I think I might re-paint the owls though. Too pastel for my taste. We’ll see. I may decide my time is better spent on other projects.

We ate an early dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse, and it was delicious. Everyone who walked by our table asked us how old Gideon is, and commented on how cute he is and how big his eyes are. He is quite the little charmer. On the way home, we stopped by my in-laws and Gideon got to chat with his grandparents for a while. He loves them! To wrap up a fun day, he drank every last drop of 7 oz and went to sleep at 8:00 PM, which is the earliest he’s went down for the night. Such a great baby!

At any rate, I’m for sure going to write a blog entry specifically about the nursery, and all the special details. A lot of love and hard work went into it, and I want to make sure it all gets documented, and credit is given to everyone who helped make Gideon’s room as neat as it is. I realize I’m running super behind on blog entries. The list of things I want to write about keeps getting longer, and nothing gets marked off. It’s part of being a mom, I suppose. The intent is always there, but follow through is a little weak these days. I’ll work on that.

So this entry isn’t 100% disappointing, a few pictures of Gideon wearing some of my favorite socks of his. High tops straight from Bolivia.

Gideon is daddy's little guy

Gideon is daddy’s little guy

Gideon is a dude

Gideon is a dude



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