Gideon’s First: Trip to the Zoo

Daniel was itching to take Gideon to the Zoo. So yesterday morning we went online and purchased a family pass to the fantastic Cincinnati Zoo. We thought everything would go smoothly. We had our passes, it was a week day, temps were in the 70’s, and there was not a cloud in the sky. We were completely wrong. Both zoo parking lots were completely full. Lines of cars were stopped and blocking traffic to get a word with the people guarding the lot entrances.

We spent about 20 minutes driving through the narrow streets of Avondale, until we finally found a spot about a quarter of a mile up the [steep] hill from the zoo. So our legs got a little more of a workout than we expected. The weather was great, so we didn’t mind one bit. We were determined to have a good time.

Our determination to make the zoo visit memorable really payed off. We had a great time, and got to see a lot of the baby animals that made their debuts this spring. We enjoyed a yummy lunch in one of the outdoor dining areas, and then Gideon fell asleep in the Moby while we were in the nocturnal animal building. He slept through the wrap – carseat transition, and didn’t wake up until a few minutes after we got home.

Gideon and the camels

Gideon and the camels


Gideon and Papi and the Andean Condor


My almost 3 month old holding his own bottle!


Papi and Gideon monkey butt getting burped.


Mami and Gideon see Gladys the Gorilla!

It was a great day that I never want to forget. The first of many trips to the zoo with my son!



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