A Day With Gideon at 2 Months

Consists of waking up to the sound of Gideon’s whimpering/calling me to feed him over the baby monitor, followed by two to three hours of snoozing and snuggling in bed together. After his 2nd or 3rd breakfast, we get the day started by opening the curtains and blinds, and having a little morning chat with Mr. [Ceiling] Fan. Then Gideon will recline on his Boppy and watch a little Baby Einstein while I get ready and pick up the bedroom.

Baby Einstein in the morning

Baby Einstein in the morning

After a chatty diaper change we move to the downstairs of the house where Gideon watches me have a quick breakfast before his world starts falling apart from boredom. Weather permitting, I’ll stick him in the Moby and we’ll take a mile-long walk down our street, and learn about trees, and birds, and deer, and rabbits, and … Gideon will conk out and take his morning nap.

My puppy sleeps in the Moby

My puppy sleeps in the Moby


After that, we might get in the car and go run some errands. Gideon loves being in his carseat. If we don’t put him in the car fast enough, he lets us know we need to hurry it up. Gideon especially loves the speed of the interstates, which as a mother causes me to wonder whether I will allow him to drive. Ever.

Gideon likes his carseat

I’m glad I’m writing this, because it reminds me that I need to get out-and-about pictures. It just gets complicated when one does not own a smartphone, and carrying a T2i around is just not practical. But try, I will.

Once we get home, he’ll eat and crash.

Gideon Naps in his Rock N' Play

Unless we have other plans, the rest of the day is pretty much spent playing and eating and napping and repeating. Daniel and I get so excited whenever Gideon starts doing something new. Whether he makes a new sound, manipulates a new toy, or engages socially with us in a new way, we find ourselves wasting enjoying the hours away watching him – mystified.

Gideon Plays Hard

Gideon plays so hard, I can’t get a clear image.

We love to end the day on a good, peaceful note. One of Daniel’s favorite things to do with Gideon is read books. They read a LOT of books together.

Gideon loves this book. My parents recorded their voices reading him the story in spanish. He listens so intently.

Gideon loves this book. My parents recorded their voices reading him the story in spanish. He listens so intently.

And then it’s  time for bed.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t do a good enough job journaling life with Gideon as an infant. Among other purposes, this blog really serves as a journal for me. It’s a place that can’t be burned, ruined by a spilled water, or forgotten in some trunk in the basement. This blog is always here, just a click away. And something tells me that years from now, I’ll be super glad I blogged about things like what we did during the day when he was tiny. Information that might be silly to some, is going to be of great value to me. Just like those little receiving blankets and baby socks you put in a memory box.

If you have/had a little one around 3 months old, I welcome ideas of creative ways to teach him about the world, and engage him. I find myself going online to look up games and things. But I would appreciate some knowledge from actual mommies even more!


2 thoughts on “A Day With Gideon at 2 Months

    • Thanks, Lanita! That’s exactly my thought process when I write detailed things about Gideon. I can’t get too detailed, because I don’t want to forget a thing!


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