Irritated ear drums, amoxicillin, and snuggles

Last Thursday afternoon, Gideon’s crying changed. His screaming was more shrill than usual, and he was inconsolable which is not like him. My mother in law pointed out that he was holding his hand up to his right ear, and I knew.

My poor 2 month old baby had an ear infection. At first, I feared swimmer’s since he has gotten water in his ears during bath time before. But turns out it was a middle ear infection that he had never shown any warning signs of, not even a fever. I have had fever maybe four times in my life, and I think my son inherited the same issue. So I had no way of knowing his poor ear was infected, until the infection had advanced enough for him to be in pain. Fourteen 2.5 mL doses of Amoxicillin later, he is finally recovering and back to his old self. All this to say, it’s all Gideon’s fault I haven’t blogged lately. I don’t ever want him to get sick again, but the honest truth is that caring for him was my pleasure. Can you keep a deep, dark secret? I loved the extra snuggles.

This is what we've spent our week doing.

This is what we’ve spent our week doing.


Subject change:

We visited Trader Joe’s for the first time on Tuesday, and I really enjoyed it. Some prices were comparable to Kroger’s, but some items such as cereal, meats, and most produce seemed much cheaper. I’m planning on making an itemized spreadsheet comparing Kroger and Trader Joe prices. Sometime in the next week or so, I’ll post a link to the spreadsheet for you to check out yourself. Let me know if you like the idea, or if you’d like me to add any specifics. I also welcome any resources in grocery savings that you might want to share with me.

Coming Up: Review of “The Vaccine Book” by Dr. Robert Sears


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