My First Mother’s Day

I hope all you mothers out there had a happy day, and that your families reminded you of how special you are to them. One of my favorite things about being at church this morning was hearing what everyone’s lunch plans were. Some people were having dinner at their kid’s houses, others were being taken out to their favorite restaurants. Either away, all the mothers I know had extra big smiles on their faces.

Today was my first mother’s day. I know I’ve been a mom for a little over 2 months now; but being a mom, and being recognized for being a mom on the holiday that actually celebrates motherhood is different. It’s seems strange to be congratulated for being a mother. At the same time, it makes total sense. Being Gideon’s mother is the biggest life reward that God could give me, and people are usually congratulated for receiving rewards. Some people get ribbons when they receive rewards. I received a photo book called “Things I Love About My Mommy”, a precious card from my boys, a precious card from my niece and nephew, and a bag of hugs and kisses from my mother-in-law. 

Aren't they just adorably hilarious?

Aren’t they just adorably hilarious?


In the evening, we got to spend some great face time with my parents – most especially, my mother. Mi mamita linda. When it comes to writing about my mom, words leave me. What can I possibly say that will express the complexity and depth of my relationship with her? Nothing except:

Mom, I love you. I would be a mess without you. Did I say I love you?

As part of our bedtime routine, I say a prayer while Gideon nurses on one side. Then I burp and swaddle him, and sing to him as he nurses himself to sleep on the other side. Daniel led the bedtime prayer for the first time, and it was one of the most touching things he’s done yet. And he’s done lots of heart-warming things over the last two months. On top of that, as soon as I started singing a spanish lullaby to Gideon that he’s known since the womb, he released his latch and relaxed his entire body on my lap. A drop of milk trickled down his cheek. I am just enraptured by him. I guess God just likes to push my buttons, because I have a hard time putting Gideon down to sleep in his crib at the end of the day. I’ve been tempted to crawl into the crib with him.

So, all in all, the short story is:

I had the BEST Mother’s Day. The end.



2 thoughts on “My First Mother’s Day

  1. I Love you too,and Thank you very much baby girl, I’m so happy for you and your first experience as a new mom. When he stop doing somethig so very important to him and he look at you those moments are pricesless; I’m very poud of you and new that you would do an exelent job being a mommy; anybody can see it that when he smiles is a reflection of your love for him !!! Did I say I love you?


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