Who needs Hallmark? Construction paper is better.

Today I woke up to find a lovely assortment of colorful signs all over the house. Each of them was different, and complimented me in different ways.   As a woman in my 9th month of pregnancy, I can honestly say that words of validation/encouragement, or just plain compliments, go a long way. At this point in pregnancy I feel/am bloated, I waddle like a penguin, sluggishly get around, and sleep a LOT. All that to say that this morning when I woke to find sweet words from my husband all over the house, it gave me that boost that I’ve been wanting and needing to get through the last stretch before the baby comes.

I have not been very loyal to blogging lately. It is, quite frankly, because my mind is on nesting and preparation mode, and it leaves me very little time to write. My priorities are a little different at this point in time, and updating my online blog does not make the top of my list. But this is a different story.

This Valentine’s Day the attentiveness of my husband, the great detail he went into (he even showered me with Snickers bars which are the thing I crave most after apples), and the significance of his efforts and thoughtfulness really call for a blog update. So here are pictures of the signs he left up for me all around the house, for me to find as I got my day started.

In the living room

christ like

On the dining room table


In the kitchen: cabinet of my CHO (Chief Home Officer) desk


In the laundry room


By the stairs


On my office door


On the nursery door


In our bedroom! I didn’t wait a single second before eating my first Snickers bar for the day.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all!



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