Cupcakes for Asher

My nephew, Asher, recently turned 3 and I was assigned the super fun task of making his birthday cake or cupcakes (I was given the choice). We had his party at a venue, so I decided cupcakes were the easier, more practical choice. The flavors I chose for this event were a basic vanilla for the batter, using the two-step method which worked great, and a delicious vanilla/cream cheese icing that was a great hit. Scooping the batter into the liners with an ice cream scoop for the first time, left me with just enough batter to make a few mini cupcakes.

I chose a cars theme for his cupcakes. He loves cars. He LOVES “VW Bugs”. So I got the idea to work with fondant on cupcakes for the first time, and hand molded a red Lightening McQueen type car, a VW Bug (of COURSE!), a VW Bug Bus, and a truck (that’s as close to Mater as I dared to get).

The most challenging part of working with fondant, was coloring it. I chose a basic white fondant, and decided to use gel coloring to color it. It looked so easy in the tutorial videos, but you know what they say. “Looks can be deceiving”. Needless to say, I’m just going to paint the fondant next time. Making white fondant into bright red and black, was way too time consuming. And my hands were all sorts of colors for the next 2 days. A problem I realize could have been easily prevented with latex gloves. Live and learn.

Love hims. Happy 3rd Birthday, Asher!


4 thoughts on “Cupcakes for Asher

  1. They are gorgeous. Asher, Eden and Moriah are lucky to have you as their aunt. Being an aunt is so extra specially fun! Thanks for sharing. I just tried fondant for the first time this past weekend for a Ninjago Red Ninja cake for Jason’s bday – fun!!

  2. The cupcakes are adorable, as was Bill’s birthday cake. Your skill is outstanding! The Vath family is blessed to have you. (And the Byers family, too!)


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