First Two-Tiered Cake


For my father-in-laws 60th birthday party we went all out, and rented a reception room at a restaurant and invited all of his family and close friends. Since everything else was done big, I decided to go big with my cake as well. I decided to make my first two-tiered cake.


In this case, I made chocolate flavored batter, and kept the cakes wrapped and refrigerated for at least 24 hours before icing them. Such a good thing to do! Anything to make the icing process easier. I tried getting as close as I could to a “Bahama Blue” color for the icing, since that is the color he is going to paint his old VW Bug once he’s done revamping it. And there you have it!

hello kitty(s)


After months of neglecting my Blog, I’m back. I’ve been working on a bunch of projects, and have not had the time to post them. But I’m taking a few minutes to get started. Lots of time to make up for!

One of my projects – a 9 week project to be exact – was helping raise a litter of four kittens along with their mother. Volunteering for the SPCA has been a lot of fun, and fostering a family of cats was the funnest part. Meet Tori (“Mama”), Toby and Tony (orange tabby twins), Tibby (calico), and Tabby (the tabby). They are all now in loving homes, and will make families as happy as Abby has made us.

I’ll miss you little guys! You too Tori!