Smoke on the Water

Last week I got to spend some great quality time with my family-in-law at the family’s lake house on Birch Lake in the beautiful state of Michigan. The lake house is located in a sleepy little cove called Turtle Cove. Well, sleepy until everyone decides to water ski and jet ski and joy ride. But early in the morning, before 9 or so, the cove is so sleepy and quiet. The only movement in the water is caused by a hungry fish, or a slight cool morning breeze. There is a thin layer of smoke on the water that makes me feel as though I just stepped into a fantasy world that I’ve only read about in books, or seen in movies (digitalized and graphically embellished).

Birch LakeIt is images like these that I retrieve from my mental file cabinet when it’s time to take a second, reflect on something good in the world, and face the madness again. I feel fortunate to be blessed with so many wonderful images and memories like this one to look at when I’m feeling overwhelmed with the strives of life (financial, career-related, relationship-related … you name it, that’s what I’m saying.) No matter your background or your life story, you know you’ve had those moments, seen those images, read those words, that just reminded you of what you want, love, and treasure most in life.

I had no grand purpose in mind for this entry really, except to provide you dear reader with what helps me (and hopefully might help you) get through those days when the clock hands seem to move too slowly.

What helps you get through hard times? I would love to know. Oh. And my apologies to all of you who were expecting a head banging accolade to Deep Purple. No fire in my sky.


5 thoughts on “Smoke on the Water

  1. I remember talking on the phone to my parents while sitting on a beach in Sicily. Mom telling me in her last days how much she wanted me to move away from that small town. Walking on the beach in Hawaii with my new husband, stopping every few moments to write silly messages in the sand.

    • What beautiful memories you have in your mental file cabinet, ladybug. Beautiful memories for a beautiful person. I remember chatting with you online in opposite times zones before you headed to the Alps, and being in awe of everything you were getting to see. I can’t wait to see you very soon.


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