Jumping right in: How to keep parsley fresh for longer

Usually I post some kind of deep, wordy introductory entry. But I’m psyched about this new phase of blogging, and this time it’s different. This is me jumping in because I’ve been planning this entry for over a week now. And I’m super excited to share my first attempt at keeping fresh (organic) parsley fresh! I specify that this particular bushel of parsley is organic because, if you buy organic, you know that the rotting process happens a LOT quicker with organic produce than, well, the modified kind. So the idea of conserving organic produce for more than a few days seemed like a good one to me.

I was tired of wasting herbs, and leafy veggies so I binged “how to keep parsley fresh”, clicked on one of many ideas, and gave it a try. It worked!

First, I washed the parsley, then I cut off excess stems and puny leaves.

Then, I placed the parsley stems in about 8 cm deep of water, and covered the leaves loosely with a sandwich size ziploc bag.

Day 1:

A week later, the parsley was still super fresh! I’d been warned that I’d have to change the water because it would turn green, but the water was perfectly clear. AND it made the inside of the refrigerator so pleasant to look at.

Day 7:

So I guess that the first thing you can find out about me from this blog, is that I’m trying to learn my way around the kitchen, and ways to prevent wasting perfectly good, wholesome foods. You also learned that I’m a metric gal. Meters all the way, baby. One of my main objectives for this blog is to … socialize more (if you will) and communicate with other people who are interested in and excited to learn and share new things. So let me know what you think, and please give me any other cool kitchen-related advice that you might have up your apron pocket :).

Here’s to parsley!


4 thoughts on “Jumping right in: How to keep parsley fresh for longer

  1. Ok so I just wanted to say a delayed congrats on getting a blog-yay!!! Now I still need to get one! oops…I had a window of time where I wasn’t “busy” and now that window is gone so I need to find a new smaller window of time to start one anyways–haha!- love you can’t wait to see you soon 🙂

  2. Melissa, I don’t cook for a family of four! Give it time and I’m sure my fridge won’t look like this haha.

    How about some pizza napolitana, D?

  3. You rock. And the coolest thing is that you took that balloon picture! 🙂 How about you stop the experiment now though..and make me somethin yummmy!

  4. Good idea! I hate wasting fresh herbs. Your fridge is so clean! I would not want to take a pic of the inside of mine right now… 🙂


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